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Teleute - The Death Fanlisting Teleute
Opened: 25 July 2017
Layout: Version 1 - Coffee of a Lifetime

Fanlisting for the character Death, member of the Endless family from the DC Universe comics. She appeared initially in the 1989 Vertigo series The Sandman created by Neil Gaiman. She also has two three-issue mini-series to her name, The High Cost of Living and The Time of Your Life. Site title is Death's Greek name. Current layout is black and purple, featuring a smiling Death with a cup of coffee and a quote from Sandman Issue No. 43.

Trigger - The Sin City Fanlisting Trigger
Opened: 26 July 2017
Layout: Version 1 - Boiler

Fanlisting for the Legend comic book series Sin City, created and penned by Frank Miller. The series is made up of various storylines, called "yarns," with some getting adapted as Hollywood films. Current layout is white, grey and black, named Boiler, inspired by and featuring lyrics of the song of the same title by the band Limp Bizkit.

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