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Please read the following completely and carefully BEFORE submitting your membership data to Adroit:

1. You must be a fan of Ferb Fletcher of Phineas and Ferb! :)

2. No websites, platypus pets or dancing exoskeletons are needed to join this fanlisting.

3. Please provide a valid e-mail address through which I could contact you.

4. The country you are from must also be stated in your application.

5. If you do have a site, you MUST link back using any of the image codes. Please upload the image/s to your own server. The code could either be on the index/splash, cliques, fanlistings or joined page.

6. Websites containing pornographic or hate material will not be listed.

7. Any changes in your e-mail address and/or site URL later on may be sent through the Modify Form, so please keep your information current.