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Name: GARCIA SHAPIRO, Isabella (her mother calls her "Isa")
Gender: Female
Age: Approximately 11 or 12 years old (she celebrated her 12th birthday during the series)
Height: Relatively the same as Phineas
Build: Slender, with a semi-circle shaped head
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark blue/violet
Nationality: Mexican-American (with Jewish heritage)
Hometown: Danville, The Tri-State Area, USA
Occupation: Student, Fireside Girls Troop 46231 Leader
Parents: Vivian Garcia-Shapiro, father unnamed
Siblings: None seen in series
Love Interest: Phineas Flynn
Pet: Pinky the Chihuahua
Voice Actors: Alyson Stoner, Laura Dickinson and Danny Jacob (occasional singing voices), Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (occasional announcer voice)

Isabella with Phineas and Ferb
Isabella with Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro is one of the foremost regular, recurring supporting characters in the animated television series Phineas and Ferb, which airs globally on Disney Channel and/or Disney XD. The series was created by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.

She is the neighbor and close friend of Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. She lives in Danville on Maple Drive with her mother in the house across the street from the Flynn-Fletcher house. Isabella has a crush on Phineas; however, she does not tell him directly. She frequently participates in Phineas and Ferb's projects, assisting in construction and maintaining order, usually with her Fireside Girls troop being involved.

Isabella owns and takes care of a chihuahua named Pinky, who she is unaware is a covert agent for the O.W.C.A., much like Perry the Platypus (who belongs to Phineas and Ferb).

She is currently the leader of Fireside Girls Troop 46231. She works diligently upholding her position in the Fireside Girls and earning accomplishment patches. The troop members are Gretchen, Milly, Ginger, Katie, Holly, and Adyson, with which she is considered not only a leader, but a great friend.

Isabella with the Fireside Girls
Isabella with Fireside Girls Troop 46231

Isabella is a very capable leader, not only with her Troop but in general. She is level-headed and responsible in the face of emergencies and dislikes being told what to do by anyone, with the exception of Phineas.

She has displayed numerous skills and abilities. She appears to be very physically capable, being a fast runner and also remarkably strong, having been able to hurt Buford by elbowing him and crushing a pencil. She has demonstrated exceptional musical ability, being an excellent singer and able to play various musical instruments, such as the tambourine, trumpet, bass guitar, saxophone and violin. She can also dance very well and perform gymnastics.

Though admitting to being too young to legally drive, Isabella possesses remarkable knowledge over the anatomies of automobiles and is capable of flying small jet aircraft. She can also assume the role of a business agent, and does the job exceptionally well.

Isabella has a monopoly of the catchphrase, "Whatcha doin?", which she uses as an intro line in almost every episode that she appears in. She allows no one else besides Phineas to use it. She can sense it when it is being used would be extremely displeased upon knowing anyone else used it. She would often confront that person physically, as she did with Buford.

Isabella and Phineas
Isabella and Phineas

A notable relationship of Isabella's is the one she has with Phineas. His relationship with her as a friend has proven to be very durable, however he is almost completely (if not absolutely) oblivious of her crush/love and admiration for him.

Isabella is cheerful, fearless, quick-thinking, sweet, optimistic, caring, and easy to get along with. She is always eager to help Phineas and Ferb's ideas. When she participates with Phineas and Ferb in their endeavors, it's either for the fun of it or a way to simply be with Phineas. She is sympathetic and aids people who are in need of help. She is also an achiever, always in pursuit of more knowledge, skills and Fireside Girls accomplishment patches.

Source: The Phineas and Ferb Wiki on Wikia